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Social Sciences and Humanities


ESSEXLab is a unique facility at the University of Essex’s Colchester Campus, running a range of interactive social science experiments.

Experiments have a major advantage over observational data: subjects can be randomly assigned into treatments and control groups and the effect of a particular treatment can be estimated statistically.

Our ESSEXLab state-of-the-art facility is open to researchers here at the University and other universities, and organisations. The lab supports the design and execution of experimental studies, regardless of prior experience with experiments.

Lab features

  • A permanent participant pool
  • A full-time Lab Manager
  • 32 isolated booths (32 PCs running Windows OS) with full multimedia capabilities including headsets and microphones
  • The Lab is controlled from the experimenter office with one-way glass to the main room
  • Lab can be divided into two soundproofed smaller rooms which will accommodate 16 participants each
  • Lab is equipped with two master computers with front USB ports, DVD drives and MS Office software, controlling two video projectors and two TV screens
  • The Lab features stereo speaker and wireless microphone audio equipment.
  • Eye-tracking hardware is available on request

Conduct experiments anywhere
We also have a mobile lab allowing you to conduct experiments or survey-based research anywhere, for example, in institutions such as schools or offices, in the classroom, in people’s homes or even on the street.

Be a participant
Taking part in experiments is a great way to help science and earn money at the same time. Our experiments are used to understand human attitudes, perceptions, decisions and behaviour, among other things. The lab team are always looking for participants to take part in experiments. Register now to join our participant database.

Find out more about ESSEXLab.