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Baby Lab

In our Baby Lab, we study the development of perceptual and cognitive abilities in infants.

The lab is equipped with non-invasive cutting-edge technology to help us better understand how young children perceive and act on the world around them. We use an eye-tracking device to gather data about their visual preferences, and a baby-friendly EEG system to record the natural brain activity in response to different tasks. Other specialist labs and facilities

  • Observation suite with one-way mirror, testing room and observation room equipped with video recording facilities.
  • Visual perception lab with head mounted eye-tracker; telespectroradiometer; intuitive colorimeter; precision tints; optometric trial lenses; monochromator; photometers and a range of clinical optometrictest equipment.
  • Cognitive perception lab with ASL variable-speed, remote pan/tilt optics eye-tracker, with video head tracking and Cambridge Research Systems VISaGe system for precision colour stimulus presentation. Includes VISaGe stimulus generator, 22″ precision colour monitor, for threshold measurement and calibration facilities for both screen presented and paper stimuli. Two portable touch screen computers with writing tablets.
  • Two psychoacoustic hearing labs, with a total of four high spec double-walled soundproof booths, with OAE recording facilities.
  • Group testing suite consisting of multiple neighbouring cubicles, whose computers can be interlinked to allow real-time group behavioural studies.

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