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Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Robotics Laboratory

Our Robotics Laboratory offers dedicated space for indoor robots.

Our Robot Arena is one hundred square meteres in area and has a six-metre high ceiling to accommodate flying robots. It has one of the world’s largest powered lab floors for long-duration experiments with mobile robots. We have invested over £1 million in equipping this state-of-the-art facility with robotic systems which include:

  • 30 x wheeled mobile robots
  • 8 x flying robots
  • 3 x robotic fish
  • 3 x intelligent wheelchairs
  • 1 x robotic arm
  • 1 x robotic hand with five fingers

A VICON optic motion tracking system with nine infrared cameras is fixed on the ceiling and provides reliable location information so that the performance of the developed robots and navigation algorithms can be accurately evaluated.