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Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory

Our Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory is one of the best-equipped for non-invasive BCI research in Europe, receiving more EPSRC funding than any other UK BCI lab as well as substantial support from other bodies.

It includes:

8 x EEG systems
1 x near infra-red system
1 x Nexus EMG system
1 x Jazz eye tracker
1 x MagStim BitStim transcranial magnetic stimulator
Many electrogoniometers and accelerometers
2 x Edubot robotic manipulators
3 x Lego NXT robots
3 x VR systems
4 x Bionics motorised medical chairs
1 x Viglen/Rocks cluster

We do not conduct any research with animals or with implanted devices in our lab.

Watch our video which shows some of the work being done in our BCI lab.