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Biological Sciences


Our academic and technical staff have extensive experience in quantitative proteomics utilising stable isotope labeling and label-free approaches, mass spectrometry-based analysis of protein phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions.

Our proteomics facilities include:

  • Equipment for high-resolution protein separation and sample preparation prior to mass spectrometry
  • High-definition genome scale analysis of protein abundance and protein post-translational modifications from mammalian, plant and microbial samples
  • State of the art hybrid high-resolution LTQ/Orbitrap Velos platform coupled with a splitless nano-scale separation front end for ultrasensitive analysis
  • Cluster-based computational pipeline utilizing open-source algorithms, MaxQuant, X! Tandem and ¬†Mascot using ¬†two dedicated multi-processor servers and several computer workstations operating both open-source and commercial software