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Biological Sciences

Molecular Cell Biology and Cell Culture

The analysis of biological material at the cellular and molecular level has become a fundamental approach to a better understanding of normal physiological processes as well as pathophysiological conditions.

We provide excellent facilities and expertise in cellular molecular biology research. We have dedicated molecular biology and cell/tissue culture rooms that allow research including the use of recombinant DNA, the study of protein function, siRNA library screens, various cellular assays and the generation and use of recombinant viruses. Our facilities include:

  • Level I and II cell/tissue culture facilities with multiple laminar flow cabinets
  • CO2 incubators
  • FACS and cell sorter facility
  • Microscopes (see Bioimaging Section for more details)
  • Centrifuges and ultracentrifuges
  • Temperature controlled Bioruptor Sonicator
  • An immunohistochemistry suite including cryostats and microtomes
  • Equipment for mammalian cell manipulation including electroporators and viral transfection technology
  • Liquid nitrogen and freezer storage systems
  • PCR thermocyclers including quantitative PCR using Taqman and SYBR Green-based methods
  • Bioanalyzer
  • Optical/fluorescence/luminescence/ELISA plate readers
  • Chemiluminescent, UV and LI-COR imaging systems
  • A recently refurbished radioisotope suite