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Biological Sciences

Plant Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture

We provide excellent facilities for plant molecular biology research. There are several laboratories and tissue culture suites containing equipment such as:

Molecular Biology

  • All the necessary laboratory facilities and support staff to work with recombinant DNA in plants

Molecular Phenotyping

  • High sensitivity imaging systems to examine plants harbouring luciferase reporter genes. This is an extremely powerful technique for non-invasively measuring gene expression
  • PCR thermocyclers including quantitative PCR using TaqMan and SYBR-Green-based methods
  • Optical/fluorescence plate readers for high throughput enzyme assays

Transgenic facilities

  • All facilities necessary to generate, propagate and maintain transgenic plants including a fully contained, licensed glasshouse for the growth of transgenic plants
  • Extensive experience in the tissue culture and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of several plant species including Arabidopsis, tobacco, Brassicas and legumes with single –to –multigene constructs
  • Expertise in high throughput modular assembly of multiple chimaeric genes for plant synthetic biology using Golden Gate and Gateway™ -based recombination systems.
  • Expertise in the molecular and biochemical analysis of a wide range of transgenic crop plant species to accompany extensive physiological analysis
  • Controlled environment illuminated incubators with multi-chromatic lighting controls (to understand plants’ responses to light)
  • Controlled environment illuminated incubators with CO2 regulation (to mimic future environmental conditions)
  • Cryostat to examine plant responses to freezing stress